The German Medical Women’s Association (Deutscher Ärztinnenbund e.V. / DÄB) is a network of women doctors and dentists from all areas of specialisation and activity.

We promote conditions in the medical profession in which career and the private sphere exist in harmonious balance for both women and men. This also entails that we demand equal career opportunities for women and proactively support family-friendly working conditions. We are committed to gender-specific health research and care, which benefits both women and men and not least the health care system.

What does the German Medical Women’s Association offer?

We are a platform for exchange of ideas, networking and discussion among women doctors and in health care policy.

We prepare women doctors for their professions and careers.

We represent the professional and sociopolitical interests of women doctors and dentists in the public sphere, in politics and occupational policy-making.

We support young colleagues in asserting their demands and entitlements in advanced training. We advocate for family-friendly conditions in hospitals and medical practices.

We are involved in the issue of women doctors’ health.

We are committed to health research and care that differentiates between genders in the sense of sex as a biological and gender as a social category.

How we work:

  • in regional groups organised on a national basis, with regular lectures and seminars, and exchange of personal experience at regional and national conferences.
  • with press- and public relations and our association magazine ÄRZTIN.
  • in our Young Forum (women students and doctors up to age 40) with nationwide conferences of its own.
  • in our Forum 40 plus (women doctors between 40 and 60 years of age), with nationwide conferences of its own.
  • in our Forum 60plus (women doctors in retirement)
  • in our DÄB Mentors’ Network
  • during the DÄB’s nationwide scientific congresses.
Our representatives are volunteers. The DÄB works un-bureaucratically and intentionally without “a lot of structure.”

All specialisations are represented in the DÄB. Medical students, women doctors on parental leave and in retirement are most welcome. The DÄB is a member of the Medical Women's International Association (MWIA), the world’s oldest international medical organisation, and a member of the National Council of German Women’s Organisations.
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